Low Maintenance Artificial Grass

Artificial grass installed beautifully in Basingstoke.

If you love a lush, green lawn but don’t want to worry about maintaining it then artificial grass is a great option for you!

Made from recyclable materials, it is a low maintenance, affordable and durable solution for any garden. With many styles, eco-friendly and pet-friendly options you are guaranteed to find one you can relax and sunbath on.

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  • Classic Ranges

  • Luxury Ranges

  • Pet-Friendly Ranges

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Even in the shade, where normal turf struggles to grow, you know with artificial grass your getting a high quality, long lasting lawn all year round and for years to come.

UV stabilised artificial grass that keeps its colour for years to come

UV Stabilised

UV stabilised artificial grass keeps its colour and doesn’t fade.

Variable pile heights

Various Pile Heights

Different pile heights for a feel like a football pitch or for luxury underfoot.

Friendly to your pets paws

Pet Friendly

High draining grass and resistant to ammonia to make it ideal for pets.

No muddy footprint sign

No Mud

No mud, no mess. Be in the garden all day and be stress free.

Artificial Grass Perfect for Sports or Pets

Artificial grass is perfect for a heavy use area like a football pitch, hockey ground or even a putting green. Its UV resistance, highly durable and low maintenance makes it an ideal playing surface for a variety of sports.

In addition to sports, its also great for pets. Easy to clean and sanitise, high drainage and resistant to repeated mess unlike its real turf counterpart artificial grass stands the test of time against pets year after year.

You won’t have to worry about ‘mans best friend’ eating something they shouldn’t as you do not need pesticides or weed killers either. Just give it a spray with a hose, and give the fibres a brush and your grass will look as fresh as the day it was laid.

Check out pro’s and con’s at LazyLawn.co.uk

Pet friendly artificial grass is great for animals and a low maintenance garden

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Yes, artificial grass performs at its best in well used gardens. With pet friendly and super-soft styles available, we guarantee there is a grass out there that will be suitable for the family and the family pets.
Yes, even though the maintenance on artificial grass is a lot less than real turf in order to keep it looking its best you should still take care of your artificial grass.

Ensuring that dropped leaf's aren't left for long and giving the grass fibres a brush to encourage them to stand-up will help keep your grass looking spick and span.
No, good quality artificial grass will be UV stable and so will not fade over time. Your grass will continue to be as green as the day it was laid, for years and years.
Yes, very much so. As it does not need watering it helps save on personal watering requirements and across the globe each persons saving adds up. In addition, you will not need to use pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers to keep your lawn looking fresh.


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