Composite decking and sleeper raised area in rear of garden
Lovely decking area in Basingstoke to relax on.

Composite Decking

If your looking for a composite decking solution our expert team can help with any requirement. The DJ Landscapes team are experienced installers and we can supply and install composite decking. Installed to the highest quality and as a result, we always leave behind an attractive and durable decking area that exceeds the customers satisfaction.

Which Composite Decking?   We hear you ask.
But don’t panic, composite decking is a versatile option when looking to build a deck area. Whether its for a BBQ, a hot tub or seating area there are a variety of different colours, textures or patterns available to chose from.

Timber Decking

Timber can make an area stand out, and is a cost effective way to transform a garden space.

Made from high quality softwood, decking boards comes in a range of sizes including 3m, 3.6m and 4m lengths, meaning it can cover any size area.

In addition, using decking can save time and money on groundworks in your garden. However, it doesn’t last as long as a composite so its something to think about when considering your options.


Pergolas are an excellent way to add some shade into your garden on a summers day or somewhere to relax with a chimenea on a cooler evening.

Installing a pergola over a deck area gives the best of both worlds. They can even be installed yourself as a DIY projects. If you rather have someone else do it then use our expert team and have one erected in as quick as a day or two when utilising pergola kits.

Finish off your pergola area with a timber balustrade or rope system to finish it off. You could also add in some deck lights to give a warm glow in the evenings while you relax with your feet up.

Take a look at some pergola styles to get some inspiration!

Pergola provides shade and a new area to relax in.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

A question that is often asked, finally answered! Composite decking will give you the colour and look for longer without the ongoing maintenance required of timber decking however, it can be expensive.

Timber decking is usually cheaper and the colour can be changed by using different stains year-after-year, that being said, it requires more maintaining as if left it can splinter or become slippery when wet.
Composite decking, when properly maintained, will usually last upwards of 20 years. You need to ensure you remove any mould/mildew and rust marks from composite decking to keep it looking tip-top. Timber decking when properly treated will usually last approx. 10 years.
Usually, you do not need planning permission to build a pergola as it falls under Permitted Developments Permission. In certain circumstances, you may need planning permission. This is when your house is marked as listed or if your in a conservation area. The Planning Portal is a great place to start if your concerned about planning permission for a pergola.
Pergolas are a an open aired structure that features beams to create a canopy often designed for climbing plants to grow on. A garden gazebo is a structure that has a roof supported by pillars to provide shade or protect from the rain. Often they have open or semi-open sides.


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