Panel fencing in Basingstoke using concrete posts and gravelboards
Highly durable garden fencing in Basingstoke with gate and concrete posts

Attractive Fencing

Fencing is something that a lot of people have and it also adds privacy to your property making it key to most gardens. Therefore, you want it to look great and add character to your garden too. Our team of expert fencing contractors are experienced in lots of different fencing types.

Whether your looking for garden fencing, a picket fence or farm-style our team can deliver high quality and durable fencing all year round. We also install trellis and palisades.


  • Overlap Panels
  • Closedboard
  • Venetian
  • Composite


  • Timber
  • Concrete
  • Steel DuraPost System

Fencemate DuraPost Fencing

DuraPost is an emerging fencing system made from UK sourced galvanised steel. Installed in the same way as normal concrete or timber posts or panels and secured to the post with colour matching screws, its an stylish and easy to install system.

With that in mind, why not consider DuraPost in your next garden project. Create a garden boundary to be envious of and add in the post caps, gravelboards and panel capping’s to complete the look.

The price of DuraPost is comparable to concrete and so if often something customers consider.

Check out the DuraPost System here!

Anthracite Grey Durapost system, post, gravelboards and posts surrounding featheredge fencing.

Garden Gates

Garden gates are also a staple in most gardens as well and we do those too. Adding security to your properties access is as important to us as it is to you therefore, our team are experienced gate installers.

If your looking for a standard gate, bespoke or iron gate then get in contact with the experts. Supplied with all furniture and a lock you can have a new garden gate, added security and peace of mind in as little as half of a  day.

Whatever the style or size, we guarantee that you wont be disappointed.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

A properly installed fence with gravelboards will last 15-20 years. Proper care of your fence isn't usually hard. A few times a year giving the fence a light brush off, removing residue and a clean will help extend the life of your fence. In addition, you can treat your fence every 1 or 2 years to maintain a 'healthy' fence.
There are some legal considerations to account for when installing a new fence. Usually this is around where the fence is going, the height and what type (i.e. picket fence etc.). You can check this on Planning Portal and also consult your local council if you are not sure.
Usually the cheapest type of fencing is known a Overlap or Lap fencing while adding privacy. Post and rail fencing is cheaper still however, you give up the privacy when installing this.
Fencing will usually be sold as 'treated' usually dipped or pressure treated. Fence panels will weather and fade to a silvery colour and so to maintain your desired colour its important to treat or paint them every 1-2 years.


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