Contemporary Patios

New patios in grey to step onto from the bi-fold doors.

New patios and paving can bring a new lease of life into a garden. As a result it also creates a new space to entertain, have a BBQ or to kick back and relax on. With so many choices of colour, style, size and material to choose from our team of experts can help design and build your perfect patio. 

DJ Landscapes and Property Maintenance’s extensive experience means we can lay any type of paving or patios you require, with just a few popular ones listed below!

  • Concrete Flags – ideal for high wear or smaller budget patios.

  • Indian Sandstone – a natural product that is classy and provides a mosaic look to your garden.

  • Limestone Paving – another great natural product with a slight texture and highly durable.

  • Granite Slabs – modern, non-slip and anti-scratch patios.

  • Porcelain Paving – stunning in style and look, a porcelain patio is a great choice.

  • Decorative Concrete – whether its stamped, stained or polished decorative concrete is a stunning choice.

Take a look at the vast range of patio, paving and driveway options available from

Bold Brickwork

Brickwork can add depth to your garden and also be a great way to tier a sloped garden. As a result, it can be finished in many ways and even integrated with your choice of patio to give it an extra wow factor.

  • Facing Bricks

  • Rendered Blockwork

  • Stone and Porcelain Cladding

  • Cottage or Burford Walling

Red brickwall and new patios labs to tier a garden.

Design Services for Your Patios

Our internal team can help you with ideas through to design and delivery. By using 3D design and imagery you’ll be able to see how your garden will look before we break ground. Therefore, this can be a great middle ground step to take when your not sure on a patio or brick colour, style or size.
Contact our team today to discuss a design drawing based on your ideas and budget.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Patios last a long time, usually decades and when installed correctly and taken care of they will last the test of time from when its first laid to the time your ready to change. Often patios will last 10-15 years and often a lot longer!
Yes, absolutely! We have installed many patios that are curved, edged or have bullnose steps/corners. Often, a curved patio feature will add a huge amount of character to your garden and also make it flow nicer than perfectly straight edges.
Porcelain paving is a beautiful slab choice and, in our opinion, should have serious considerations when you look to pick your slab of choice. Don't be deterred by the prices you see online or when Googling, contact our team and we are sure that we can find a stunning slab in our supply chain at a reasonable price.

Porcelain slabs are highly durable, low maintenance and come with an anti-slip finish. Resulting in a high quality, aesthetically pleasing patio that looks modern and stylish for years to come.
Yes, this is often the case the there will be some slight fading in the paving due to natural weathering and sun damage. If you are concerned about your patio fading then take a look Vitrified Paving as it fades slower over a longer period of time.


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